Beach Cruiser Bike Rentals

Cruiser 1 Bike

1 Hr Rental

$20 - Includes Helmet Rental if desired

4 Hr Rental

$30 - Includes Helmet Rental if desired

8 Hr Rental

$40 - Includes Helmet Rental if desired

Single Speed Beach Cruisers

Electra Cruiser Bike
The Electra Cruiser has more than 25 years of refinement built in to enhance the riding experience with modern styling. The result is a less clunky, more ergonomic ride that features our patented Flat Foot Technology•. The single-speed Cruiser 1 is simplicity at its finest. The single-speed Electra Cruiser 1 features a sturdy steel frame paired with alloy rims and stainless-steel spokes on RetroRunner tires. Custom swept back handlebars and coaster brakes make this an easy-to-use and comfortable ride.

Why you’ll love it

  1. The beach cruiser was our first love. Its timeless style can transport you to a Southern California beach no matter where you are.
  2. It features our patented Flat Foot Technology® for amazing comfort and control.
  3. Cruise comfortably on 26″ RetroRunner tires and an easy-to-use coaster brake.
  4. Add a basket to make the most of those long summer days.

Jetski Rentals

Welcome to TC Watersports, where adventure meets adrenaline on the shimmering waters of Traverse City, Michigan! As the premier destination for jet ski rentals and water-based thrills, we invite you to embark on an exhilarating journey across the pristine expanse of Grand Traverse Bay. With our fleet of top-of-the-line jet skis and a passion for providing unforgettable experiences, TC Watersports is your gateway to an unforgettable aquatic adventure in the heart of Northern Michigan. Whether you’re a seasoned jet ski enthusiast or a first-time rider, join us for an unforgettable ride and make memories that will last a lifetime

TC Watersports | Jetski on East Grand Traverse Bay